Women After 50 – Simply a Work of Art

WOMEN AFTER 50: Amazing Grace, elegance and style!

After a very busy morning, restoring an old door to its former glory, I realize I love restoration. The deep satisfaction I get from bringing an old door covered in beige Formica, that I thought was ready for the tip, back to its beautiful, original state, quite frankly, makes me sing with joy! As I take a step back and admire my efforts, I am completely amazed why anybody would want to hide such beauty!

Lightning bolt moment!

And then it struck me! This is exactly what some of us as women do to ourselves as we age. We hide, neglect or forget who we really are.  If we allow life to wear us down we become like Old Doors covered in beige Formica, obscuring and hiding our beauty, gifts and talents. Our Formica is in the form of people pleasing, anger, bitterness, comparisons and disappointment… need I go on!

So this started me thinking…

Maybe, just maybe, as we acquire age instead of allowing the years to cover us in beige Formica we embrace the aging process and look for opportunities to restore our souls back to their original, beautiful state, but like all magnificent works of art, increase our value and beauty at the same time.  All the lessons we have learned, and strength we have gained serves to enhance our beauty and we simply enter The Restorations Period.  How I hear you ask?

Well by first taking an inventory of all the things we have in place that hide our true essence: negatives thoughts, stories, limiting beliefs; false-assumptions about how we look; our thoughts and feelings about aging, diet and health. When we become aware of our thought patterns we can challenge them, and change them if they are not serving our higher and more radiant selves.

The Restoration Period

During the Restoration Period (after all we are all a work of art!) we focus on reconnecting with our dreams, desires, beauty, talents and strengths. Imagine what transformations would take place! I know many women, after the age of 50 that should be working in television and/or theatre playing the roles of successful and beautiful women. Women that should be on the cat walk showing the world that beauty can and should be appreciated at all ages. Take a look at just three women I admire greatly who are stunning examples of beauty, talent and grace. And just for your information they are three of the kindest, most generous and compassionate people I know.


Michaela is a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. She fills her time running a very successful career in health and fitness as well as a very busy home.   Michaela has the gift of laughter.   When I spend time with Michaela my energy and vitality is renewed, as is my self belief!



Diane (voted THE BEST acting teacher for Kids & Teens in Los Angeles) has worked all over the world as a singer, dancer and actress while raising two incredible children.  http://dianechristiansen.com  When I spend time with Diane I re-connect with my potential and set outstanding goals!



Ann (Former Miss World) has  traveled the world as an actress, singer and dancer.  She is currently putting the finishing touches to her book, ‘Surviving Miss World’.  Spending time with Ann increases my confidence and compassion.  She empowers women to connect to their strength and talents!


All these women are stunning examples of beauty, elegance and grace.  All of them have stories about how they have grown as life’s lessons has taught them self acceptance, love and compassion. 

Join Us – Every Woman is beautiful and Every Woman is WELCOME!

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I invite women after 50 to connect and support each other, to offer their beauty and confidence as a gift for the younger generations both male and female. I invite you all to promote the notion that age need not restrict us. There are many women after 50 who have remarkable goals and have achieved incredible things. Here are a few women that are not allowing anybody or anything to constrain their energy and dreams:

Cindy Joseph, a sixty six year old model, is challenging the whole concept of anti-aging – she advocates the pro-aging revolution and has brought out her own line of cosmetics for the more mature woman.

Dorothy Davenhill Hirst, decided at the age of 89 to travel to the North Pole.

Eleanor Coppola at 80 has made her directorial debut feature film, called ‘Paris Can Wait‘.

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So take massive action and start on a journey of loving yourself more and more every day while being a role model of style and grace. Let us restore each other, and lift each other up for ALL to see. After all restoration is a work of art!

Have a beautiful afternoon and I’ll talk with you again soon. Enjoy living a life full of confidence, creativity and compassion.  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter [published the first Sunday of every month!

Lots of love


15 thoughts on “Women After 50 – Simply a Work of Art”

  1. So beautifully written! Thankyou for the encouragement and inspiration !
    Definitely feel like I am in the early stages of restoration
    And I love that God calls us His Masterpiece, going along with your ‘work of art ‘ theme !

    1. Thank you. I completely agree – let us all fly the flag of beautiful women regardless of age. I love your blog and support your work completely. Thank you for taking the time to make contact.

  2. What a brilliant idea Margaret! Congratulations on what is a great service and contribution. So happy you remain a creative and energetic force.
    Best Wishes,

    1. Thank you Dave for commenting, you are and will always remain a very positive and supportive man. Love having a man’s perspective on this and thank you for feeding into this discussion. Looking forward to seeing you next year in Reno.

  3. Thanks for inviting me to your blog Margaret. Soon I’ll be ready for the 60+ blog! No problem though, for some reason I feel the same as I did when I was 35. Long may it last.

    1. Thank you Linda for commenting and yes long may we all feel 35. You are an encouragement for others and may we all support each other as we navigate this new phase of life. I am trying to reach anybody that needs to be reminded that age is just a number and only slows us down when we allow external forces to dictate how we should behave and feel.

  4. Margaret you have given me a new lease of life, I felt really inspired after reading your blog . Definitely going to follow your advice on detox. Thanks again Margaret for introducing me. X

    1. Eileen thank you so much for making contact. I am thrilled you have joined this forum and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about our posts. By connecting you give so much energy and enthusiasm and that will come right back to you. Thank you and keep flying the flag. xx

  5. I’m understand concept of 50 and fabulous but what if like me ,loss of confidence, anxiety are daily companions. The reality for me is that I can’t talk myself into feeling positive . But it is great at least there are other 5o plus woman who are happy and successful and are able to shout this from the roof tops . I’m just not one of them . JJ

    1. Jilly thank you for connecting and being open and honest about how you feel. You are not alone regarding anxiety and I am not preaching from the roof tops about this. I know what it is like to loose confidence and feel extreme anxiety. I have decided to reach out to women in order to offer support and love and please feel valued and welcome. I do not have the answers but I do know it is important to keep talking, stay connected and know that you are not alone. Much love to you and thank you.

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