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Hello I am an actress, director, teacher and life coach. I created Margaret Tully International because I want to work with people who want to experience life at the most exciting level. I live in London, spend a lot of time in the US, have studied with Anthony Robbins and feel what I have learned along my journey could benefit others.

So why do a blog? Well, I need to communicate. I always have! As a young woman it was not too difficult, as being reasonably attractive, I got a lot of attention and some people even seemed interested in what I had to say. I learned to handle the attention by being in charge, in control, humour, wit, funny and sometimes tantrums. As I got older I began to notice the currency by which I once traded (how attractive I felt in the eyes of the world) was producing different returns. Financial metaphors are quite useful when talking about intrinsic value and worth! You see I believe our identity is closely linked to how we view ourselves, in life, in other people’s eyes and in the mirror. Whether you gain significance and value from your career, family, physicality, education, skills or significant other, fundamentally the relationship you have with yourself will be what shapes your identity.

So what happens to us when we get up there in age and are no longer regarded as attractive, no longer of value, no longer sexy, invisible? My blog is about us women who are 50+ but unwilling to settle for the glib stereotyping inundating us by the media. If we have poor opinions of ourselves, and let’s be honest that is encouraged by most advertising companies who want us to compare ourselves to each other, to bill boards, and to a fantasy that is not only unattainable but non representative of a hugh demographic, then we need to take our power back. Back from the advertisers, public opinion, and unrealistic expectations of ourselves and each other.

As a 55 year old woman I can honestly say I feel more excited about life, more confident, much, much more sexy, more energised and vibrant than I ever did in my youth. It is a shame that this representation of women is not celebrated and reflected on TV, magazines and in our conversations. Fit, Fabulous and 50+ will speak to those of us who love who we have become, what we have achieved and contributed. Fit, Fabulous & 50+ supports and celebrates strength, competence, confidence, creativity and compassion.

So relax, get involved, have a natter, sound off, find support and help anyone who is feeling old, unattractive, devalued, invisible, unsexy, fed up or angry. Instead let’s get inspired to stand up be counted and heard. I’m listening, I’m here to serve, encourage, support and love on a big scale. Subscribe to the newsletter for once a month tips on health, wealth, love and career.

Leave a comment and share your amazing accomplishments so that we can get talking, agreeing, disagreeing (respectfully), thinking, confronting and most importantly connecting. Scream about us on Twitter and facebook because there are a lot of US out there. We are Fit, Fabulous and 50+.

10 thoughts on “Fit, Fabulous & 50+”

  1. Margaret, I agree with you. We need to celebrate more. Challenges are there to be overcome and make us stronger. We have but to focus on the dream and learn to dance in the rain.

  2. Margaret, thanks so much for reminding me of my value , there is so much more to come! Just looking at your page has reminded me of the many things I have learned from you, I am motivated all over again. I have so much to contribute to my world, would be a shame to waste it;) Love you xxx

  3. Thank you Margaret, great article. I also feel more confident at 51 then I ever did when I was younger but at the same time am aware of my increasing invisibility as a woman. Science tells us that we will all live a lot longer, it is so important then to remind ourselves of our value and that we have another couple of decades (at least) to fulfil our dreams and aspirations! The wisdom and grace we have acquired through life’s hard trials means that we, women over 50, have more to offer now than ever before.

  4. What a fantastic website and created by a wonderful woman at that too!
    I’ll definitely recommend this site and Margaret Tully who I have known over a period of many years. Not only is she naturally talented and intelligent, she radiates beauty on every level; from the very core to the final polished and stunning exterior.
    Many congratulations Margaret and even more thanks for this site which I’ve no doubt you will touch and enrich a multitude of lives.
    Heaps of love! XXX

  5. Margaret you have an amazing gift of being able to make people feel easy with themselves including me, you know I suffer verry low self esteem and all I have to do is chat to you (which we don’t do often enough) and always feel tons btter. This is your vocation in life, you are a giver and always share your happiness and love with all around you. I wish you the very best my dear

    1. I am honoured to call you a friend Maxîne. You have been through a lot and your pain is now your gain as you grow in compassion and love for anyone struggling with low self esteem. Thank you for adding your voice for Fit, Fabulous & 50+.

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